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consider this a null newspost

2017-06-27 06:18:19 by S3C

because most of the time if there's something i want to say it's better said by someone else



i now present you with this placeholder post

2017-05-09 19:26:15 by S3C

placeholder post until the next placeholder post i guess...if time's infinite, then we are all just placeholders in this f*cked up world anyway



they say time flies fast...

2017-01-10 00:42:29 by S3C

and they would be mostly wrong...relatively, flies may have a quick instanteous velocity- but overall the housefly moves at a sluggish pace of 4-5 mph. flies are just good at evading their predators. they've trully optimized their aerodynamic trajectory (hence why you need a tool with a relatively large surface area- like a flyswatter) and are unbelievably sensitive to change in air pressure (hence why you need a tool that is light and porous- like a flyswatter). natural selection has kept them alive...thank god for that!! flies are annoying and gross as hell (hence why no one gives a sh*t about harming them) but are the optimal test species for genetic engineering, furthermore- applying said observed knowledge translationally to more important avenues in science.  

well 2016 was just another generic year folks. nothing to write home about. maybe 2017 will be the year of the decade...(f*ck only 3 years left) That's what the Cubs said for over a century; that's what the city of Cleveland said for over a half century. you just have to put a few hot dogs on the grill, and a couple beers in the cooler, a half dozen potatoes in the oven, a pound of vegetables in the pot, etc. and hope for the best. 

goals?? f*ck 'em. live for today, and better yourself every day, too. the premise of modern society is built around saving up for retirement, while being caged in prisons of tradition and nostalgia; too little focus on the present. What does it mean to make America great again anyway...back to a time where we were a nation under the Blue Eyed Jesus or even further to a time where the lands weren't desecrated with high impact speedways, shopping malls, megamarts, and air overly concentrated with particulates?  

two central thoughts to take away from 2016:

1.) if you die on NewGrounds you die irl (careful). Good thing I've consistently been on NewGrounds since I signed up! unfortunately just haven't had the drive to be more prolific with uploading content (lol who cares) and reviewing/critiquing material (more important imo) for the past 4 years or so? the first few years of my logged NewGrounds time was spent primarily on writing reviews and audio production...that's become rather sporadic since 2010. not counting 2016, with my #sumirs3cjams project that's only halfway finished. I'll finish it up sometime this year and who knows what elusive artistic discoveries will be made afterwards...But there is one area I've been fairly active throughout my years in this fine, the blogging/commenting/social front. which leads me to my second point

2.) i'm just a plain guy inundated with second thoughts. should I pretend that I have goals as facade for success for the opposite sex (they always see through it)? should I have spent my money on this flatscreen TV ( i didn't)?? should I (have) chose a different academic path (i did and that's why i have several pedigrees)?? should I pay extra for a footlong at Subway (i always do)? should i make this blog post (we'll see now won't we)? the only thing that I *never* harbor a level of regret for is: the relationships I've forged, those of the past, those of the current, those both in this digital fantasyland and those in my cloudy visceral reality. let's continue to forge the great bonds and contribute together in making (keeping) NewGrounds great (again).

tell me your thoughts, NewGrounds. are you an individual of second thoughts?  if so, what for? or are you a NewGrounder of few waffles, who has always had a clear sense of purpose and direction in life?


and now for a short one

2016-09-03 06:11:37 by S3C

temporary, sporadic chemical reactions that will never be enough

the only option is to fade back into a cloud of innocuity

peace out


#sumirs3cjams postponed

2016-06-05 06:01:11 by S3C

so I went to update Vista (an old OS I know) and the system crashed in the process- corrupting the registry I presume, rendering my computer unable to boot. Not even in safe mode. Fortunately my HD (and my glorious gifs collection) seems to be unaffected. It still sucks, as I had some old software on there and the disks and original installers I don't have any more. A lot of my plugins, samples, presets, and whatnot for FL Studio were scattered all over the got damn place so it's gonna be a pain in the @ss to port old projects over...

I have a much better computer now. More modern. I welcome this new digital age where I can play flash games on high settings, listen to audio without crackling, watch YouTubes HD and experience no lag, and being innudated with videos won't f*ck up my social media feed...

sumirs3cjams has been postponed for this reason, amongst others. My  preferred recording software was on a disk, and I'm going to have purchase an optical drive to install it my new's old software, hopefully it works on Shekelsoft Windows 10. The OS looks and runs amazing btw, although I fully anticipate the oncoming issues that have been popularily associated with the prematurely released system.

I'd like to thank all who happened to checked the music of the sumirs3cjams out!! It was supposed to last a full year, as a testament to post a tune every week, for the sake of being artisically consistent. I think 4 and a half months was a good mark though. My intentions were an overall success. I'm also satisfied with the amount of views.

sumirs3cjams will be back! Jazz Standard July or Juleidoscope perhaps?? Acoustic August?? Synthetic September?? At the very latest the tunes will be back for Spooktober...

cannot say I would do a consistent annual project like this again, tho. From my perspective, art is best when it's spontaneously created, not when it's produced by a fixed deadline, especially at weekly intervals. I tried to have no inhibitions when recording- just take each session as a normal jam, but the sincere playing is quick to fade into a serious attempt at recording which was not my intent for the project! but overall it was a fun ride.




2016-01-01 05:48:31 by S3C

Hello NewGrounders, and happy new year. Or as I like to say, have an absolutely splending, profound arbitary celestial orthogonalization day. No one day is inherently more important than the other and deserving of  special celebration. Each day has the potential to be beautiful or catastrophic. No point in making resolutions today when you could (should) have made them countless days ago and stop anytime you please.

in my previous post, I discussed #sumirs3cjams (hashtag included to make this project more hip and retweetable to all my followers). i have always intended to submit to the audio portal more, but regarded this as a place to showcase high quality works. or at the very least, made submissions that were applicable to be included in flash submissions. but there are two contradictions in this statement:  #1 my work pales in comparison to some of the audio greats that have graced this fine artistic establishment  & #2 I stand firmly by NewGrounds' (retired?) old slogan "everything by everyone" so regardless of the quality of your work, you should share it with others and look to improve yourself as an artist.

this project was partially inspired by Cyberdevil's "Project 2014, 2015, etc" over at the CyberDatabase. He's releasing a poem, lyric(s), or short bit of creative literature every day- consistently for the past 2+ years. I initially planned for creating new content for every day of the year, but that's overly ambitious; once a week is enough. Cyberdevil's primarily a writer who speaks through words and I'm primarily a musician who speaks through the highly interpretive sounds of  audible solo and sound. Not full tracks, or polished loops, but what I like to call "jams" of me improvising in one take over a  continuous 15-20 second loop (because that's the max time on my effects station). Nothing ground breaking, minimal external mixing, and a contrast to the more robust tracks I've primarily uploaded over the years. The idea here as well is to be profilic, to contribute something musically every week primarily for myself, and secondily to publicly publish some sick tunes for potential listening on the world wide web.

Reviews/comments always appreciated. I will check out your work too if you want so post your sick beats in this comment space below, please...I haven't made an audio review in 1 year WTF! or just chat it up. Woah it's a bit quiet around these parts. Fulfill what your temporary chemical reactions demands. That's all there ever is, if you think about it. No free will. No objective conscience or reality. No sentience. No science. No money. No emotions. Just interacting organic sludge that is slave to a series of temporary chemical reactions. If you think about it, it makes sense that music exists outside this realm and is the closest thing as to what we try to defy as life on this f*cked up sphere that was oh so conviently situated in the space which approaches infinity in four observable dimensions...

1. Midnight Haze

2. Beyond the Treetops

3. A Raven Lurks Above

4. Venice Car Garage

5. Drosphilia melanogaster

6. Between the Wheels and the Road

7. Since Love Immemorial

8. The Sherrif's Left Town

9. The Montenegrin Spy

10. I Wish I Knew Her Name

11. Suburban Sunset

12. Sympathetic Fallacy

13. That Boondock Bang

14. A Certified Hip Feel

15. Wack that Schmuck

16. Safe Haven

17. Day's End Blues

18. Soldier of Saigon

19. Dreaming Planet

20. Lost Summer Days

21. Slenderman Lurks

22. Throne of Beelzebub

23. Nosferatu Tales



2015-10-21 21:48:27 by S3C

Greetings and salutations NewGrounds. Felt like making a fresh newspost about prospective plans for 2016. Of course my plans in this digital realm very rarely come to fruition but it's always fun to make new blogposts just to have something new at the top of my page, for just shooting the breeze with fellow NewGrounders, and I need to ease my mind a little. Today has been one of the harder days of my life so I unfortunately am going to broadcast my news in a rather solemn manner with a limited amount of subtle Indian doctor humor.


so I try to keep busy with various hobbies. I like sharing my artistic and academic pursuits with others, and especially educating and trying to assist those interested with such likeminded scholarly visions. I have studied, researched, practiced and partook in various activities within various, diverse fields over the years...perhaps, me being all over the map, is one of the several reasons that I haven't been "succesful" (per the American capitalist's idea) in life. In a sense I might be a jack of all trades- scratch that, maybe like an 8 of all trades is more appropriate. Because I'm pretty mediocre at a lot of things and I've come to be okay with it.

so I'm thinking of opening up a youtube channel akin to my Punjab compatriot Sal Khan @ the KhanAcademy. One of the best sites for learning just about anything. Mainly for the sake of refurbishing some of my instructional skills, and in addition to just being fun, teaching is one of the best ways of learning). I've got content written for an integrated linear algebra-multivariable calculus, molecular/cellular/microbiology and genetics, ps2 soft-hacking (think Gameshark codes, some stuff I never published after the scene more or less died when the PS3 came out), and of course music/art (mostly from a theoretical tangent).

the goal here is to be prolific, instead of being a perfectionist, then becoming discouraged to release any new content, and ultimately letting these ideas collect dust within your hard drive (or head). Quantity doesn't trump quality, but sometimes quantity paired with focused efforts will open up avenues for developing quality content in the future.

tell me your thoughts, NewGrounds.


i have always intended to submit to the audio portal more, instead NewGrounds has remained a showcase for my completed works (although I've plenty unfinished tracks on the AP from when I first submitted in 2008) which I think have a fairly high standard (relative to my own work, I know my audio pales in comparison to some of the audio greats that have graced the NewGrounds Audio Portal).

this project was partially inspired by Cyberdevil's "Project 2013, 2014, etc" over at the CyberD. He's releasing a poem, lyric(s), or short bit of creative literature every day- consistently for the past 2+ years. I'm thinking of doing the same thing on NewGrounds- but with music.Maybe not an entire 365 days, but perhaps "90 days of summer" or similar would be cool. Cyberdevil's primarily a writer who speaks through words and I'm primarily a musician who speaks through the highly interpretive sounds of  audible solo and sound. Not full tracks, or polished loops, but what I like to call "jams" or just #sumirs3cjams (it's scientifically proving that hashtags make anything 10 times more trendy) of me improvising over a  continuous 15-20 second loop (because that's the max time on my effects station). perhaps thrown in a few solo instrument jazz standard chord-melody arrangements as well. Nothing ground breaking, minimal external mixing, and a contrast to the more robust tracks I've primarily uploaded over the years. The idea here as well is to be profilic, to contribute something musically every day primarily for myself, and secondily to publicly publish some sick tunes for potential listening on the world wide web.

would anyone here be interested in the idea? tell me your thoughts, NewGrounds.


now for the not so good news. today was the first time in years I cried. the reason being, I had to put my dog to sleep earlier today ;_;. He was old, but generally in fair shape a week ago. Then some time over the weekend, his legs just gave out and he could no longer walk without extreme difficultly (and presumably lots of pain). and barely has eaten anything in the past weeks. I've lost friends, grandparents, and other relatives over the years but this loss probably hurts the most.

life does not truly die, but returns to the Earth from whence it came, and transforms into another form of energy to be used and help create other life. yet, every biotic entity in the universe is unique and once it's gone, it's gone forever from this natural world. maybe it exists somewhere in another dimension or spirtual realm that will never be uncoverable through the human eye. no one can ever say.

and perhaps it's a selfish notion to want to cling onto life forever, and not let the unborn come to be and experience seeing our world. I believe that biological and cerebral immortality in animals can someday be outside the realm of science fiction (and it technically already is in certain forms) and while the thought of that is interesting, perhaps we just need to respect the universe and not play God. Whether God be an actual theistic being(s) outside this natural world, a spirit/soul entity that flows through us, or just the laws of physics. 

life is an amazing thing. the fact that there are an uncountable amout of different organisms is an astoundingly asute and provocative occurence. the fact that we have a myriad of delicate chemical reactions simultaneously reoccuring in our body to keep us going everday, the fact that life is the result of a perfectly balanced set of delicate equations and events in a precise order for anything to exist in the first place, the fact that our perceptions, tastes, feelings, memories, and dreams are the unique combination neurons (numbered in hundreds of billions) interactions is beyond mindblowing. And being bestowed a high level of sentience by what is best explained by chance is both a gift and a curse.

Yet at the same time unumerable lifeforms have, currently are, and will traverse the Earth. Every second life dies- humans due to violence, pets due to natural causes, wild animals being preyed on by carnivores that are higher up in the food chain, insects being squashed or exterminated, plants being eaten by all the previously mentioned forms of life in order to sustain their own, and the countless microbes that cease to be every time we wash our hands and sterilize a surface. At such rates, life passing and going is nothing special. Given that time and space is approaching infinity, the fact the life exists was always destined to happen, as is everything that has happened, and everything imaginable will happen whether it be in our reality set by human constructs our the reality that exists inside our individual minds. Ergo, each birth, death, event is just an infinitesimally small blip in this ever expanding universe. But that doesn't make any of us insignificant. You can keep splitting an atom, which was once thought of as the final indivisible structure, into infinite parts, there will always be more to discover, just as is the case with the universe. Some would even say that interpolation is a more revealing process than extrapolation. Thus each single living entity is essentially as complex and large as the collective universe itself. I cannot fully grasp this concept, and probably never will, but I know it to be true as much as anything else in this world. 

RIP Sir Fatstuff McBiggiestein.

Thanks for reading. try to cherish every moment you have because in a moment it will all be gone, respect others, aim for sincerity not seriousness (even God has a sense of humor), recognize and appreciate your privileges, accept your shortcomings for what they are, don't start wars in this already f*cked up's hard, but try to take off the colored jade sunglasses (if you had a pair to begin with) 



.:Addagges of S3C:.

2015-05-13 07:48:58 by S3C

Greetings and salutations denizens of NewGrounds!! I'd like to re-welcome you to my page with some enlightening addages modified from a page created by and on the @Cyberdevil domain that is a stark contrast with the morbid, gloomy words of my previous post.We live in a f*cked up world, so we all need a place to serve as a p. cool hangout for everyone!! A digital medium where I shall retweet salient thoughts about the universe and stuff. A place of public dissent and enlightenment. A forum that fosters political and scientific discourse alike. A symposium that encourages multicultural enrichment, tolerance, and equality for all. As a self- proclaimed veteran NewGrounder I feel both delighted and obliged to a certain degree to enhance the well-being of other members that contribute to the rich culture of this fine, artistic establishment. Without further adieu, let's get this f*cking party started!!

1. Don't waste time or time will waste you

2. It's not a waste of time if it's enjoyable (hence why when you get wasted you have the time of your life)

3. Stop f*cking around dude, just do it. Not a provocative or profound sentiment, but an astute one, too much time is spent complaining, making excuses, thinking about what could have been, while to get where you need to be in life, one needs to follow the Nike  check mark logo, which is neither a provocative or profound image, but an astute one.

4. Think before you act or people will think for you and manipulate your actions

5. Only the wise know they are not wise.The more we understand the world and ourselves, the more we understand how infinitely complex we are as a collective and an individual. Thus, we recognize the extent to which a beginner we are, and less wise than we thought we once were (or could ever attain to be). If you pretend to be smart, you are a fool. If you are humble, eager to learn and teach others, acknowledge yourself as a n00b in every sense of the word, then you are cool.  

6. You are whatever you tell yourself, and whatever you set your mind to. This is precisely why we live in a day and age where men can be women, women can pass as neither gender, and bearded men in their late twenties decide to be colorful little ponies.

.7. Only when you know your limitations, you know yourself. Fortunately, we only have an infinitesimal window in this f*cked up world to discover our limitations. Once limitations are discovered, we stop growing, and there is no longer a purpose to life. Who the f*ck wants to keep playing a video game when the final boss is slayed?

8. Life is not about the end result and success we may achieve, but about the journey and valuable moments on our way to the finish line

9. Learn from anyone and everyone, but follow absolutely noone

10. Work like hell to get where ever it is that you want to go...Relaxed, but never complacent. With a sense of urgency, but never stressed.

11. The world is too f*cked up of a place to ever be serious. The world is too f*cked up of a place to never not be sincere.

12. Live life applying our four dimensions- our athletic physical side, our creative poetic side, our analytical scientist side, and our otherworldly spiritual side.

13. Everything in this world has patterns. Everything can be percieved in its most simple binary form, and extrapolated or interpolated to its most complex form

14. The only true "reward" for completing a task is completion of the task itself

15. We practice and work to have fun at the end of the day. But in order to efficiently have fun, we must pust in concerted, smart practice.

Most importantly: Conjuring platitudes and making philosophical conjecture a great of evading and procrastinating from doing real work- and not feeling bad about it!! I welcome and encourage all NewGrounders to share their astoundingly astute and provocative sentiments as always.

Sending warm vibes, bright karma, and positive energies in the general direction of NewGrounders (spiritually everywhere and physically to east since the NewGrounds HQ is in Philadelphia and I'm on the West Coast),

-Dr. Sumir Thripi Chandra "S3C"


Irreversible Damage

2015-01-10 06:07:55 by S3C

one moment, everything seems to be going fine

then in a blink of an eye everything begins to crumble

Something deep down is slowly being erased, taken from me, something that I fear in the grand scheme of things transcends any value

I was only trying to reach a common middle default I'm a skeptic...and many unfortunate lives have to be wasted until the mouths of skeptics are finally quieted...

But everything's fair game once Pandora's box has been opened right? It's near impossible to find a correlation with the causation, but the truth at some point, will eventually surface

brb going to reflect on bad life choices of the past, present, and forthcoming for a while..peace and enjoy the .gif



2014-11-04 02:21:19 by S3C

the fun never ends on NewGrounds mother f*cker