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g o o d t h i n g g o o d t h i n g

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ok...sonic is p. good anime but is it better than cory in the house??

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midimachine responds:


The Anticipated The Anticipated

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damn, so this is real. it's like one of the closing moments in a 90s action flick featuring Nic Cage. The good guys finally gain the upper-hand. Nic Cage fights for control over the plane, packed with explosives and heading for a densely populated area. he's able to pilot the plane into a lake, where the water is able to mask the explosion. 2:30- everyone's safe...2:45 a disheveled Nic Cage emerges from the rubble...2:58 Nic Cage makes some silly remark and cut to credits behind a blazing sunset. P.S. this is a condensed version of many 90s action movies featuring Nic Cage

looping works for me- outstanding composition that starts with a nice melodic motif and builds upon it with other instruments, great chord lines and catchy, engaging ideas throughout. the synth solo at 1:07 is b0ss- reminds me of dimrain47's melodic riffing, minus the 300 BPM 16 notes

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RealFaction responds:

Haha thanks! :) That means a lot!

VicariousE Podcast #1 (raw) VicariousE Podcast #1 (raw)

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very informational! I don't really have anything useful to add/comment on. just some peanut riff-raff. anyway, what the hell is a teacher doing asking a 6 year old who they are gong to vote for. who the f*ck are rutherford b hayes and woodrow wilson? I must say, U.S. history always bored that hell amount of me lol. hey why isn't lewinsky voting for hilary? well, the last Clinton left a bad taste in her mouth. what were you implying about Obama? Agreed, that's why political correctness is bad (and fascist). lol'd @ the tobacco break. peace out

VicariousE responds:

At the time (1979) it seemed weird, but a lot of recently graduated college kids were teaching us then. It was just to show up another fellow teacher was all that was. The banks used to have a program where your student loan rate would be reduced and paid off sooner, if a recent grad did overseas non-profit work or, or if they became teachers for a set amount of years. Wages would be heavily garnished to pay off the loan, but it had the best interest rate going. Oh, and I found this lol

Guess I was implying Obama is nothing more than an establishment repressed communist agitator and SJW. The fact is, whoever runs this country, the people will have to be beholden to whoever funded his/her election campaign.

Thanks for listening, though I think the 5 star rating is a bit much for such a seat-of-the-pants single-take *cough!

Talking Real - Questions (S1E5) Talking Real - Questions (S1E5)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This review is going to mirror the sentiments that I left on your blog post regarding the same subject.

The first step, is to stop victimizing yourself. Sure, you may have a clinically diagnosed mental illness. Sure, it may be harder for you to blend into what society unfounded deems as normal. But there are plenty of people with mental illnesses with jobs, and plenty of people that are supposedly mentally well that cannot find jobs. Look at reality. The world is vastly overpopulated. There is a myriad of people in each city that have more experience, better skills, college degrees, etc. than you do. An employer is going to find the person that makes the most sense to them, or they could be out of a job themselves. The issue here probably isn't discrimination, but has more to do with adhering to a specious capitalist notion.

Which leads to my second point. Do not worry about success, as success is largely dependent on circumstances. You cannot control your circumstances, or your environment. But worry about your value as a human being. Being a willing worker, that continues to send out resumes and applying for jobs, shows a work ethic and persistence, is indicative of a good personal value on its own. Continue to work on self-betterment; music/artistic pursuits is one outlet to do such. You could also try taking classes at a community college, both for academic and social benefit. The classes may be paid for you by the school if they know of your financial situation; it's worth a shot. Next dig deeper into your perceived problems- what exactly did you do at your past jobs to feel you screwed up? why did this happen? what specifically could you have done to rectify the situation? Then lastly, recognize that your ability to see your own faults and admit that you have made a mistake, is another good value that you have. Many people will try to hide or ignore their mistakes, and shy away from criticism, ultimately never improving.

Victimization means you are in danger of following a self-fulfilling prophesy- that you describe here as being worthless (wrong) and unable to work (wrong). If you believe this, then obviously you are going to be depressed and have a low-self esteem. I truly believe that the first step to finding inner peace is to stop assuming the role as a perpetual victim even if there is some degree of truth behind the idea.

I gave several reasons above as to why you are valuable to society...
You also are able to carry out a conversation, provide assistance to other people.
You are a nice individual, appreciative of people giving you feedback.
You are intelligent.

And importantly, you may have social hindrances, but by no means are you disabled.

But yet you still cannot find a job, which isn't your fault. Financial security in this world still remains a necessity.

Explain to your parents that you have put out several resumes, and will continue to job hunt.
There are innumerable people in the United States that are in your predicament, but they still need to put food on the table. Food cost money. Getting unemployment/welfare is one way to receive the funds in order to not starve. If your situation comes down to this, explain to your parents that you are going to request temporary unemployment compensation to partially relieve your/their financial burden, and that disability is simply just a title. I wouldn't bring up the point that you feel you are getting discriminated against. Your parents may see this as you wallowing in self-pity. What they should see is that you are trying to find a job, and have just encountered unlucky circumstances that are out of your control. Absolutely no shame in that.

You can follow all the information/reviews/comments/well-wishes people send you're way...and it still won't guarantee the answer to your questions. We live in a f*cked up world where sh*t happens. At the end of the day, people can give you advice on how to find yourself, peace, and happiness, but it is the most complex search that you will go through in life, a quest that only you can figure out yourself.

RealFaction responds:

True. I just gotta roll with the punches. I'm probably just going to go on disability as many recommended. It would give me freedom and money. Thanks for the kind words. My mom doesn't seem to understand due to being from 2 generations before me. She won't fully understand but many smart people I know have recommended this and I know people who do well on disability. You're absolutely right. Thanks.

I feel like the reason I have been in this mindset is because I'm caring and thankful for lal my parents have done and I put this weight on myself to pay them back and try to make myself something to show it wasn't a waste. But I need to find happiness with myself, in what I do. Thanks.

Empire of Sand Empire of Sand

Rated 5 / 5 stars

>that moment when me and Salim raise the oil prices again

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Better Than The Book - Two Years On Better Than The Book - Two Years On

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not the type of music I'd usually listen to, but it was surprisingly great! The album is full of catchy
riffs, uplifting vibes and meaningful lyrics, a beautiful lead singer voice (no homo) that matches the crisp, short, melodic lead guitar bits, complimented nicely by some Cyberdevil hip hop touches, subtle synthetic lines and backing trumpet lines to give the album an interesting ska flair. overall: a fun, well strung out music pieced proportionately over 12 tracks- starting off with a burst of energy, transitioning into a more somber, deep tone, rounding out the album with a more funky feel in the latter tracks, then finishes with a reflective addendum. the tracks were on the short side, yet the album feels complete while I still want to hear more!! (good art does this! didn't get bored once, listened to the album straight through now a few times in a row without interruption). To me, the album definitely has that late 90s feel, reminiscent of those fun teen movies, and bands of that era like early Blink 182, Sum 141, and Green Day before there music became pop saturated garbage. All the music is great quality- well mixed and mastered. Each instrument is crisp, clear and powerful, with the sound being punchy but not over-compressed.

1. Ignition: Great introduction with the great snippet of a punk song EQ'd to play on the radio, followed by a powerful speech regarding one of humankind's greatest accomplishments! The intro certainly ignites the album!

2. Great drums to back the simplistic yet catchy guitar riffs and bassline! Flows greatly from the previous track.

3. Sounds great, once again. A little too similar to the previous track for my tastes, but the brass lines create some nice diversity. I LOVE the guitar solo, short, simple but sweet, with a nice tremolo guitar riff stylistic of the punk/ska genre. Great open sound in the section following the solo, with the background vocals rotating in the stereo with the repeated "this is my heart!" in the forefront. Also ends on a nice note.

4. Great change from the last track! Opens up with a neat groove and interesting, harmonized lead guitar riff. I like the muted clean guitar riffs and groove during the chorus, with well developed horn lines. The lyrics are cool as hell, too cool for school that is. The track overall has nice variety, with the ska-reggae groove in points, and the semi-slapped bassline, and the short intricate harmonized guitar riffs.

5. A mule can be killed by shot in the head! who would have known. A great, extra retro sound preface to Cathode Ray Days.

6. You rock the offbeats nicely here! I like the short instrumental sections, backing vocals, and variation in feel. Nice tapping guitar solo, would perhaps like it to be a 4-8 bars longer, but the continuous changing stream makes the song effective and interesting.

7. Probably my favorite track of the album! That intro is awesome!! Gives a nice contrast from the comparatively more straightforward punk feel. Sick @ss drum groove and spiraling guitar solo that seemingly develops between sections. Some flanger/phaser FX on the lead guitar bits in part may give the texture some additional diversity.

8. Another great groove! The bassline is really cool! I like how you create some space with the bass dominant transitioning. The synth lead was a nice, non-invasive touch to the chorus section. I like the guitar solo against an open, deep rhythm section. However, it feels a little incomplete. Wouldn't hurt the album as whole if there was an extended instrumental section during a track, in my opinion. But overall the song is very well rounded, and the exiting riffage is great as usual.

9-10. hehe, I recognize that voice- it's the Bob Axell! A small, subtle beat with some unexpected 808 percussion in #9 followed appropriately by a crescendoing guitar tone. The rapped lines from you and the Cyberdevil are a great incorporation, especially the way both vocals were intertwined. and the backing sound is catchy and interesting as usual. I especially like backing vocal melody in the chorus, and that drum groove in the post chorus section in the first half.

11. The brass is on point in this song! Harmonizes with the other instruments rather well. And a profound sentiment- success IS not about what you get, but in HOW you get there. Some nice rhythmic vocal buildups to the cool guitar soloing. The driving beat is complimented nicely with the muted guitar riffs.

12. Well the track is good, but personally I didn't care for it as much as the others- just feels on the generic side. But the acoustic, soft nature is a welcome contrast to the rest of the album. I like how you incorporated space, and some lyrical sounding cellos to round out the song. The track ends nicely all the same, with a comforting trumpet tone, and uplifting chord to send the album off.

Full marks here dude!! It's a sweet ass album.

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Jabun responds:

Ah man, so much detail in this review! I don’t even know where to start, thanks so much for all the kind words and detail.

Your first paragraph pretty much sums up most of what I was going for in this album. Glad to hear it kept your attention and you’re eager for more too (It’ll likely be a while until the next album XD).The artist/band comparisons are really kind too, definitely some of my influences, so I’m glad it stacks up. Nice that you commented on the not over-compressed mastering too, since I know that was something I didn’t do so well in the “One Small Step EP” (You live and learn right XD).

Really nice track by track review too! Only think I could pick up to comment on was on track 5 it should be “a GHOUL can be killed by a shot in the head” XD It’s a sample from “Night of the Living Dead”, continuing from the undead theme of the previous track :D Lovely words there though, thanks so much for all the comments.

I’m really happy you enjoyed the album, despite it not being your usual taste (if anything, that feels like an even better accomplishment? XD) Can’t thank you enough! Cheers :D

SuperHappyFunTime SuperHappyFunTime

Rated 5 / 5 stars

super otaku racing 3D WTF

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Hikari responds:

pretty much

Vivifi Vivifi

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This piece has an interesting, open texture with creative instrumentation. I was skeptical how much the synth would do for this piece given the introductory orchestral sounds, but the airy synth pads and percussion are incorporated nicely. The harmony develops nicely, the plucked strings are well varied, and the composition brings out mysterious fantasy-like themes well. Nice ending. I think the piece could be a bit stronger if you brought in some organic symphonic sounding percussion shortly after the synth toms, to bring the piece forward. They would be an interesting compliment to the melodic percussive style of the piece. The sound quality is decent (good job with the delay FX) although I think the glockenspiel sticks out a tad too much. Good work!

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LukeMJones responds:

Well thank you very much for your comment ! Very open and honest, I like the way you can describe my music better than me! When i go back over the piece ill have a listen out for what you have said about the glockenspiel and see if i can find some nice sounding percussion that will mix with the track. Thank you again !

Logue Logue

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Space...The Final Frontier lol...beautiful ambience as usual. It's a bit on the lo-fi side (could use more dense chorus FX IMO, although it sounds slightly reminiscent of a Vangelis soundtrack in the 70s-80s which is always a plus) and like the dude mentioned below at points the sound is overly resonant. Overall, the bass and decaying vibrato tones makes for an excellent soundscape. Wonderful, minimalist composition though. The piece ended rather abruptly, but the fade is a nice exit.

Cow Rider Cow Rider

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think it was a sea cow actually, but either way it was awesome. Like this song.

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LexaHergon responds:

Glad you like it.