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i now present you with this placeholder post

2017-05-09 19:26:15 by S3C

placeholder post until the next placeholder post i guess...if time's infinite, then we are all just placeholders in this f*cked up world anyway




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2017-05-09 19:30:46

hehe got autoplay to work again...always takes me a few tries though


2017-05-11 16:30:14

If infinity's a loop, then maybe not even infinity's really infinite! Or maybe our perception of finity is wrong, and everything is infinite. The cycle of life and death. The cycle of food and shit. The cycling of a cycle. The reinterpretations of trends. Autoplay music. Big bang on an eternal loop, and it all plays out the same each time... maybe this is the fifth time you post this post? A finite number in an infinite number of finite cycles of all.

S3C responds:

infinity cannot be a loop, as that implies a closed structure where the starting point will be reached again. A dimension is boundless, thus time is infinite. That doesn't imply events within a dimension can't happen again in a cycle though


2017-05-11 17:40:06

i dont think time is infinite its just very long and in a loop. So when the universe ends a similar one will start so yeah

S3C responds:

the universe collapsing/initiating is irrelevant to the concept of time though


2017-05-14 08:20:02

The concept of infinity feels finite to me, though. It's like Earth: it's so large that it looks flat even when it's round. Like the universe. Like time. Like everything we know that reaches far further than we can fathom, it'd make sense if that's how it worked. Infinity in a linear fashion however... seems impossible. Nature's all built on circles. Atoms. Cycles. Everything works in loops, in loops, in loops; infinite structures of looping structures.I believe.

S3C responds:

we're not talking description of physical objects here, rather we are defining the abstract. so regardless what feels humanely possible- by definition infinite is the opposite of finite.

atoms are 3-D so they are not circles. they are spherical in models and do have elliptical orbital patterns (the electrons surrounding the nucleus) but in reality are moreso amorphous cloud shaped I think.


2017-05-15 03:45:23

To compare to atoms though - aren't they virtually infinite? Never-ending? The larger the loop, the longer it should take for it to wear down, so if a small loop is finite, a large one: infinite. I don't think it's so easy as to think logical antonym, to know what the opposite is. It's only in grammar we think in terms like that. The difference between finite and infinite doesn't really have to be so large, but well, if a line is a finite, a circle is infinite, no?

Ah, something like that, then. Non-linear and without corners.

S3C responds:

who knows- is matter infinite? actually, it entirely has to be: the difference between finite and infinite is infinitely large, a finite measurement is quantifiable, infinite measurement is beyond quantifiable, because it's unimaginably large. No...if a line is finite, then you can "bend" it in a matter that both ends meet and form a circle (or any closed shape) in a 2-D plane. If a line is infinite, you can bend it, but since it's infinitely large the ends will never meet to be able to make a closed shape.


2017-05-15 07:13:13

The smaller the matter, the stronger it bonds; the longer it lasts? Yet the larger it is, the bigger the mass, the longer it takes... well I get what you're saying, but I don't believe there is a space so large it never ends, or stretches in all directions. I make sense of infinity by making it circular, or oval - dimensional, rounded. Atoms and Earths and Galaxies and Universes and so on. An order possible to express on a quantifiable scale, despite the unfathomable size of said expression, which by definition does make it finite huh... I see what you're getting at. I think the conclusion this is coming to is: I don't believe in infinity in regard to space, only in regard to time or distance. A finite mass or measurement with potential to loop or bend infinitely, but not mass with potential to expand infinitely.


2017-05-22 21:49:38

Life is like a relay race.

S3C responds:

hmm...well that's much better than dick measuring contest.


2017-05-23 21:30:43

I have never participated in the dick measuring contest. Couldn't find a tape measure that long.

S3C responds:



2017-05-31 00:26:54

I have something very important to s...

S3C responds:

I've spent the past 24 hours trying to figure out how to respond to your comment, and in conclusion I have found that I have nothing very important to s...


2017-06-02 02:01:52

Just as you were about to say something important, you were silenced at the crucial moment. It is hard to s... for sure what it was that brought your important announcement to an end prematurely. But rumour has it that the whole fake news bullshit got out of hand, and in doing so, really important news was being censored by a filter of convenience.

Whatever it was that was so important to s... will now never be heard by the masses. But were they ever Listening?

S3C responds:

it is true that the fake news industry has gotten out of hand...when I have something important to s... it gets filtered with "chh chh ahh"...then again the proximity of Jason is probably more important to s... than me spouting dank memes. or is that i have insider information on the fake news industry (Jason is getting paid millions to silence people who have something important to s...)


2017-06-04 01:20:56

I'm more concerned that you might have insider information on those that identify themselves as outsiders. What about Fake Nous?

Jason is being paid? Jason Voorhees! More like Jason More Fees... to p... chh chh ahh.

(Updated ) S3C responds:

well it's nothing to be concerned about...he's not ashamed that he's g...or that he's butchered hundreds of people last M...Jason just needs more fees so he can p... for latin percussion lessons...all he knows how to play is chh chh ahh...

an epiphany? politicians are a fake nous so they propagate fake news?


2017-06-04 04:34:26

Jason the gay slayer. Jason and the Hardonauts. Playing hockey and collecting machetes was the most masculine thing that Jason ever did. He moved away from his Latin percussion practices and camp Waltz dance cha cha cha's. Eventually settling on a more manly chh chh ahh.

Politicians are just abused rent boy plebs that got bummed in private schools. But yeah, fake nous works as well.

S3C responds:

chh chh ahh later became Jason's sensual theme music used in his business: he made pornos containing fake nudes of reporters reporting reports of fake news for the fake nous.


2017-06-12 00:33:22

Nude News Nous. A new erotic news channel featuring cutting edge reporting, and in Jason's case, cutting edge machetes. But plenty of sex as well. So it's not all bad nous.


2017-06-14 18:20:03

Now that you've explained your musical methodology to me, wish I could go back and rate your first 2017 tune 5 stars *cricket sounds but that promised feature is hidden in yet another castle, which I hope hasn't crashed.

Hope you're ready for Zika, once that shit makes the rounds in the damper parts of North Murica, it'll likely mutate :p

S3C responds:

why? at the end of the day it's the sound that matters, not the methodology (appreciate the sentiment)

meh, it's rather dry here in the Southwest (and I'm sexually de-activated) but nonetheless incidence of Zika were reported here last summer. also, incoming monsoon season and the increase in mosquitoes each year is cause for concern...but West Nile is something more valid to worry about


2017-06-15 21:59:52

Well hey maybe I thought you were using canned strings, did sound odd enough not to have been canned, just wanted to make sure my ears weren't fooling me...

Wonder if I've ever had West Nile, been suspicious about it twice in the past. Hate seeing non indigenous shit gentrify mah ass. Got 2 new weeds that've taken off here, most likely from a bird feeder AGAIN. Then I'm hoping to salt water fish/crab w/a visiting friend in August, that's if the Mexicans haven't gotten them all first lol.

You taking any vacation time? The mobile hemorrhoids here have abated, guess the well to do can take the choice weeks in early June :P