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they say time flies fast...

2017-01-10 00:42:29 by S3C

and they would be mostly wrong...relatively, flies may have a quick instanteous velocity- but overall the housefly moves at a sluggish pace of 4-5 mph. flies are just good at evading their predators. they've trully optimized their aerodynamic trajectory (hence why you need a tool with a relatively large surface area- like a flyswatter) and are unbelievably sensitive to change in air pressure (hence why you need a tool that is light and porous- like a flyswatter). natural selection has kept them alive...thank god for that!! flies are annoying and gross as hell (hence why no one gives a sh*t about harming them) but are the optimal test species for genetic engineering, furthermore- applying said observed knowledge translationally to more important avenues in science.  

well 2016 was just another generic year folks. nothing to write home about. maybe 2017 will be the year of the decade...(f*ck only 3 years left) That's what the Cubs said for over a century; that's what the city of Cleveland said for over a half century. you just have to put a few hot dogs on the grill, and a couple beers in the cooler, a half dozen potatoes in the oven, a pound of vegetables in the pot, etc. and hope for the best. 

goals?? f*ck 'em. live for today, and better yourself every day, too. the premise of modern society is built around saving up for retirement, while being caged in prisons of tradition and nostalgia; too little focus on the present. What does it mean to make America great again anyway...back to a time where we were a nation under the Blue Eyed Jesus or even further to a time where the lands weren't desecrated with high impact speedways, shopping malls, megamarts, and air overly concentrated with particulates?  

two central thoughts to take away from 2016:

1.) if you die on NewGrounds you die irl (careful). Good thing I've consistently been on NewGrounds since I signed up! unfortunately just haven't had the drive to be more prolific with uploading content (lol who cares) and reviewing/critiquing material (more important imo) for the past 4 years or so? the first few years of my logged NewGrounds time was spent primarily on writing reviews and audio production...that's become rather sporadic since 2010. not counting 2016, with my #sumirs3cjams project that's only halfway finished. I'll finish it up sometime this year and who knows what elusive artistic discoveries will be made afterwards...But there is one area I've been fairly active throughout my years in this fine, the blogging/commenting/social front. which leads me to my second point

2.) i'm just a plain guy inundated with second thoughts. should I pretend that I have goals as facade for success for the opposite sex (they always see through it)? should I have spent my money on this flatscreen TV ( i didn't)?? should I (have) chose a different academic path (i did and that's why i have several pedigrees)?? should I pay extra for a footlong at Subway (i always do)? should i make this blog post (we'll see now won't we)? the only thing that I *never* harbor a level of regret for is: the relationships I've forged, those of the past, those of the current, those both in this digital fantasyland and those in my cloudy visceral reality. let's continue to forge the great bonds and contribute together in making (keeping) NewGrounds great (again).

tell me your thoughts, NewGrounds. are you an individual of second thoughts?  if so, what for? or are you a NewGrounder of few waffles, who has always had a clear sense of purpose and direction in life?



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2017-01-10 00:51:55 autoplay to work again :cool:


2017-01-15 11:29:31

People are always optimistic at the beginning of a new year, but once that year starts to kick in and pass, with all of its usual humdrum and turmoil, people will then towards the final few months coin that all familiar term... "2017... it's been a fucking torrid year!"

... And repeat for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025.............


2017-02-21 14:32:59

Oh hey, the psychedelic; smooth tunes are back! And this time it really goes on forever! Was thinking maybe I had some music open in another tab after the initial video ended (and it looks like it's over) but seems that was a mere (intentional?) illusion. Cool playlist.

Amen, lettuce keep NG great forever, though the pinnacle of popularity around 2007 does seem like a point to strive to get back to... was it at it's best then, or just at it's most popular, though? No longer as sure as I was back when activity first started to dwindle. Almost feels more homely now than it used to be. I keep living in the past in many regards, but nostalgia runs in the genes right?

Do have plenty of second thoughts. Thoughts, every second. Regrets. Wonders. Hopes. All things good and bad, and always one side teetering over the other, never that perfect balance. Maybe that's the goal right now: balance. Calm. Objectivity. An ease to seek out purpose and peace and all that's needed. Interesting retrospectives and contemplations.

Looking forward to the latter half of those much too early abandoned #sumirs3cjams too! And lol, time flies.


2017-03-08 01:27:24

You make me less ashamed to be here, because you're 41 and on newgrounds right now

S3C responds:

I wish I had more time to be on NewGrounds. We live in a f*cked up world


2017-05-09 19:18:59

autoplay disabled for next newspost. what a b*tch that would be to open multiple pages with YouTubes running XD!


2017-05-11 16:27:31

Was wondering if you'd consider the browsing-multiple-news-posts potential. :) Would be... interesting!

S3C responds:

about as interesting as walking into a crowded mall and everybody had their own theme song