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5/7/13 by S3C

I dont know what to say anymore...



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You gotta love the cactuar.


5/22/13 S3C responds:

hey its cactuar!



I've felt the same way now for years. Get over it and draw a dick. It will make you feel better.

5/18/13 S3C responds:

true, but i could never get the vains down correctly. vains make or break a dick picture. so i just post shitty hipster artistic tumblr pictures instead.

That rain feels rinsing though, soft and warm, a summerstorm, raining strays on paving ways, making place for pain and grace.

5/8/13 S3C responds:

mmm bittersweet, a strangely comforting emotion

I don't know what to comment when there's nothing to say ...

5/8/13 (Updated 5/8/13) S3C responds:

hmm...i have lots to say...just not sure how to phrase it an interesting way..